Snorkeling St Thomas, US Virgin Islands

It has been a wonderful two years of snorkeling. Revisiting our favorite spots on St Thomas and discovering some great new snorkel sites as well. But after a while the snorkel videos start to pile up in a folder labeled To Be Sorted. It became too big to even contemplate the idea of looking through months of underwater video. But Make Snorkeling Video kept finding its way to the top of my To-Do list and after shoving it back in the deck a few dozen times, I had to face the fact that it was not going away.

So I scheduled it my head. Do this Low Season. Or Slow Season if you prefer. But Low Season is almost as hectic as High Season. Repairing this, Registering that and all the while keeping one eye on the horizon for a hurricane.  And as Low Season came and went I realized that if I didn’t make a snorkeling video now, next year the To Be Sorted folder would have 12 more months of videos in it. That was the spark. The daunting task of watching 2 years of snorkeling videos or the daunting task of watching 3 years of snorkeling videos. Fear won over laziness and I dove in.

It really wan’t that bad after getting started. It did take a few days to put everything in order. And a few more to download, install, reinstall and re-reinstall the newest version of iMovie. There were also a few days of cursing iMovie when I found out all past videos would have to stay in the past. iMovie basically told me “You won’t be needing those.”  But it was fun. And looking through the clips brought back a lot of memories. And it got me fired up about snorkeling this coming season. And I am also super stoked to take Make Snorkeling Video off of the To-Do list. At least off the list until next year, that is.

So, enough blah-blah. Here is the Snorkeling St Thomas video for 2014. Enjoy!

-Capt Wilson

St Thomas snorkeling at its best!

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