The Other Side of Jost Van Dyke

Most all of you know of White Bay on the southern shore of Jost Van Dyke. It’s home to such famous beach bars as Ivan’s, Sedi’s and The Soggy Dollar. You also probably know on the south shore, Great Harbor, home of Jost’s Customs House and the original Foxy’s. And some of you may even  know Little Harbor which is where you’ll find Sydney’s Peace and Love.  If any of you have been out with me then you surely know Diamond Cay home of my favorite restaurant, Foxy’s Taboo. (good eatin!)

But is that it? Is that all there is to Jost? Nope. There’s a whole coast line of Jost that most people don’t get to see. The Other Side of Jost Van Dyke. The North Shore of Jost Van Dyke. This Video contains a glimpse of Jost’s north coast. It’s been edited down in time to show you just some typical coast line and this natural phenomenon that I thought was really cool where the waves caused a cloud of mist to shoot into the air.

Capt Wilson

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White Bay at Jost Van Dyke – What’s All the Fuss?

White Bay, Jost Van DykeA good friend of mine describes White Bay as Spring Break for 30 year olds. Hmmm. That’s pretty good. We’ll start with that a go forward. Shall we?

White Bay is absolutely beautiful. Like a giant bite mark out of the south side of Jost Van Dyke, White Bay is divided into two fabulous sandy beaches by something we’ll call “The Rocks.” Each beach is lined with coconut palm trees and, in most places, hammocks. Starting to get the picture?

There is a path over “The Rocks” connecting the two beaches. It takes about 4 minutes to walk it. About 8 if you’ve been there for a while because the number one activity is drinking.

The larger of the two beaches is home to some really famous and great beach bars. There’s Gertrude’s, Seddy’s One Love and of course the Soggy Dollar. On the other side of “The Rocks” is Ivan’s Stress Free Bar, which is a bit more low-key. Ivan has implemented the Honor Bar where you go in and fix your own drink and leave some money in the box. Now that’s low-key.

Occasionally there is a frisbee being thrown. Less often a football. None of the bars are blasting music at offensive volumes. It’s just not that kind of place. Mostly people are sunning on the beach or wading in the shallows with that perfect tropical drink in their hand.

The place is super friendly. I’m not just talking about the bartenders and the wait staff. Everyone is friendly. Everyone is there to have a great time and that kind of bonds everyone in a some sort of friendly way. You find yourself saying Hello to people you wouldn’t normally say Hello to. Hello. And smiling. Lot’s of smiling people at White Bay.

White Bay is also inaccessible accessible. Oh no, there he goes again. Hush. I can explain this without using the word polyp. Jost Van Dyke has only 300 full-time residents. It’s smallish. They like it that way. Everyone likes it that way. There is no airport. The only way to get to Jost is by boat, and White Bay is boat friendly. You can back your boat right up to beach and hop off into waist deep water. And everyone does. When the place is really hopping, it’s a bit of a boat circus but that’s also part of White Bay’s charm and sometimes part of its entertainment.

I’m not sure if it’s exactly Spring Break for 30 year olds but White Bay is definitely a good time for all.