helloooooooo, crew

(an introduction)

your capt here.

i decided to attach a blog to the website because this is the 21st century after all. just a place to give you tips, share cool trip photos and happenings, updates on deja blue, answers to questions i get asked more than three times and whatever.

like most blogs this will be sporadic. there will be times when the posts keep coming and there will be times when it’s just the crickets. unlike most blogs, i’ll never apologize for the laps. it’s life. sometimes it flows and sometimes not. so of course you won’t be flogged for reading everyday and then forgetting for a month.

i wanted to have a ¬†really original title for this and then it hit me. ‘the flog’. but i googled it and it was already taken. so i thought ‘captian’s log’. i googled that. already taken. ‘keel hauled’, taken. ‘as the anchor drags’, taken. ‘tiny kittens dancing in lederhosen’, taken. so i went back to ‘the flog’ because taken or not, that was my first thought.

so, whether you’ve been out with me on a snorkeling excursion before, plan on going out with me in the future, like random information about st thomas, st john and the virgin islands or just like to lurk, welcome aboard. ¬†glad you stopped by. feel free to leave a comment, and enjoy the ride.

-capt bradley wilson

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