Guest Helps Baby Turtle at Sandy Spit

(no photos, unfortunately)

We arrived on Sandy Spit the other day only to find the east side covered with baby turtle tracks. Seems a couple of nests had hatched very recently and the little ones had already made it to the water. All but one, that is, which we found “Turned-Turtle” on its back and not able to right itself. My guest gently dug her hands into the sand under the little turtle and created a slow moving sand tsunami which rolled baby right-side-up. Baby, about the size of a silver dollar, then flippered off into the sea and was seen making progress and taking breaths of air before we lost sight of him. (About one of every thousand sea turtles makes if from hatchling to adulthood.)

We wish him well.

Capt Wilson

St Thomas Snorkeling at its best!

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