Deja Blue & New Hat

We are officially into the 2015-2016 season and I must say, we couldn’t have had a better start. (Margy, of course, was missed as our lead off trip, but Brad’s Texans surely shined in her place.)

So first off let’s talk about Blue. I have been reluctant to share the good news with all of you because I didn’t want to have to post a retraction a few days later. So, I’ve been monitoring the situation with pressed thumbs. But, with 5 awesome trips under our belt, I am confident to say Deja Blue is back and in great form. “Nobody puts Baby in the corner.” Special thanks to everyone who helped out and made this possible. And there are quite a few of you. We really appreciate your support.

Except for that little hiccup in August¬†where Blue wanted a vacation before it was scheduled, I have to say 2014-2015 was another amazing season. More people are finding us. More guests are having great trips and the repeat offender list keeps growing. And it always great to see familiar faces when pulling up to the dock. Always. It means we’re doing something right or maybe that the discount is too good to pass up. ¬†Hopefully the first one.

Looking forward to another great season. Thanks to all of you who make the greatest job in the world even better.

Capt Wilson

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Capt Wilson and Deja Blue Crew

Capt Wilson and Deja Blue Crew

Capt Wilson and Deja Blue Crew

Capt Wilson and Deja Blue Crew

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