Awesomer, yes we are.

So, I’m browsing through my latest issue of Cruise Corner. When I see this article titled: Three Great Excursions to Remember in the U.S. Virgin Islands. And OMG ! Island Wilson is one of them! (Yes, I did use OMG (again). I will not be pigeon-holed)

It was, like, totally awesome to see our name in print! And even awesomer that they were saying nice things. (Yes, awesomer is a word meaning more awesome.)

So I am going to share the article with you since not everyone’s Cruise Corner has arrived for this month and it is possible that some of you don’t subscribe. I’m not including the whole article. It drones on and on about two other excursions. Blah Blah Blah boring. So I skip straight to the meat and potatoes part for you. Here it is:

Capt Wilson  (scenic photos will resume shortly)

Cruise Corner – Island Wilson Excursions on St. Thomas
Island Wilson Excursions tailors every tour to fit what you want to do, but Capt. Wilson perfects it. The Virgin Islands have a natural beauty that stands alone, but there is a depth to them that is even more enjoyable with the right guide. Capt. Wilson is the man for that role. You can tell he really loves the Virgin Islands and wants to share with you the history of the region, the geology, the nature, the lore of the pirates from the past, and even the tales of the rich and famous who visit today.
How do you imagine your day on the water? Swimming with sea turtles in a Caribbean-blue bay? Stretched out and sunning on a sandy deserted island? Snorkeling colorful reefs surrounded by tropical fish? Exploring pirate caves that once held a king’s ransom in treasure, and possibly still do? Bird watching? Boating around the beauty of islands created by volcanoes and techtonic plate shifts and seeing magnificant rock formations?
Or, maybe simply relaxing on a postcard-perfect beach, feet in the surf, and the next round of drinks just a few steps away?
Whatever your idea of a perfect day is, Wilson will make it happen. He takes the time to find out exactly what you want to do with your time on his beautiful boat Deja Blue. He then maps out a day that pairs those desires with the conditions of weather and currents to create the perfect itinerary. He even matches your knowledge and skills for snorkeling to ensure an optimal experience. The Deja Blue is a double-hulled powerboat that is ideal for making the cruise smooth and fun.
You want to be sure to book this excursion before scheduling your plane tickets. It’s that special. Learn more about fees and inclusions by visiting

Deja Blue - Ready to Snorkel

Deja Blue – Ready to Snorkel

Island Wilson knew exactly where the best snorkeling would be for the conditions that day and set us up with ideal gear.

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