Binky the Barracuda – Get Well Soon.

If you need an introduction to Binky, <click here> But basically, Binky is the resident barracuda at Great St James who loves to swim with snorkelers. He is a familiar sight to a majority of the people who have visited Christmas Cove.

Back at Christmas Cove the other day. Just returning from a nice snorkel around the cove, and who should we find waiting under the boat when we got back but Binky. Wait. It’s not all good. On closer inspection we saw that Binky must have been having a rough time off it recently. About 5 feet of fishing line hung from his mouth and the edge of a hook could be seen in the left corner. Obviously Binky had a tale to tell. But he wasn’t talking.

Binky the Barracuda, hooked

Binky the Barracuda with line hanging from his mouth.

Barracudas are very territorial fish. And for as long as I can remember, Binky has been a resident of Christmas Cove. You may not see him every time, but he’s there. There, again being Christmas Cove.  Yeo, that’s right. The same Christmas Cove which is a marine reserve. The same one that has two floating signs at either entrance declaring it a marine reserve. And yep, those signs do clearly state that there is no fishing anywhere inside the marine reserve. And yep again, those same signs have maps on them so bone-heads can see where exactly the no fishing area is:

Sign at entrance to Christmas Cove

Sign at entrance to Christmas Cove

Looking at the map, Christmas Cove is the on left side of Great St James and between the  up and down Cs. Clearly there shouldn’t be any head scratching as to whether or not this bay is in a no fishing zone.

On the fishing forums, there seem to be two schools of thought about the hook. Some think it will disintegrate over time. Others disagree and say that hooks sold today will last quite a while underwater. I will be monitoring his progress and hopefully get a chance to shorten the trailing fishing line a bit.

So, to sum up:
We have a territorial fish which never strays from the bay in which it calls home. We have a bay, well within a marine reserve with signs at each entrance clearly declaring that the bay is inside a marine reserve and that fishing is not allowed. And we have that same territorial fish with a hook in its mouth.

It’s a bloody mystery, it is.

Get well soon, Binky.

-Capt Wilson

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