Tank you very much !

Tanks on Jost Van Dyke

Tanks on Jost Van Dyke

For everyone who came out with us in 2012 / 2013 and made our first year back so enjoyable, just wanted to say tanks!

I was going to make a big long list here of everyone’s name who was on Deja Blue this past season as a way of saying thanks, but let’s face it, I’m just not that ambitious. Also it has come to my attention that some of you told your companies one thing while you skipped off to play hooky in the Virgin Islands. We know who you are. Others of you just don’t want to be associated with IWE. Ya, we get it.

Then I thought maybe a list of everyone’s initials, keep it semi-anonimous but still get some recognition. That idea was scrapped for the sheer ambiguity of the exercise. There were 56 people with the initials J.S. on Deja Blue this season. 56.

So, there are no lists. Whether you want to own up to it or not, you know who you are. Thanks. Thanks for booking. Thanks for showing up (most of you.) Thanks for being great guests. For those of you who took the time to write those fantastic reviews on TA, thanks so much for that contribution to our growth. Unfortunately, those reviews are very very important.

It was great seeing all of you repeat offenders again and catching up. Thanks for finding us. For all of you that went out with us for the first time this season, hope you enjoyed your time and hope to see you again on your next visit.

-Capt Wilson

Capt Wilson & Deja Blue

Capt Wilson & Deja Blue

6 thoughts on “Tank you very much !

  1. Love the picture of you by your boat! What the life! See you very soon Captain! By the way, I’m requesting perfect weather, can you please speak to the God’s for us? Thank you in advance……..

  2. I hate to mess with your count but Stu’s initials are also JS, his real name being J Stuart Schultz. I know Jake was responsible for one of those JS’s though and I am happy to admit we were repeat offenders. Can’t say enough great things about you and Deja Blue.

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