So, the other afternoon we’re over at Peter Island and my crew (average age of 40) starts jumping up & down and shouting “ICE CLEAM MAN !!! OOO! OOO!!! ICE CLEAM MAN!!” I’d thought they’d lost it. Wait. Let me rephrase because they’d already lost it a lot earlier in the day. I thought I was going to have to put them down.

They were pointing and shouting and running in circles. What had stirred them into the frenzy was that Deliverance had just entered the bay.

Deliverance: BVI Supply Boat

Deliverance: BVI Supply Boat

Deliverance is a supply boat that runs out of Tortola. It cruises the popular anchorages of Cooper, Peter and Norman selling ice, alcohol, fruit, baked goods, etc boat to boat. They also collect garbage if you’re starting to get over run. And yes they do sell ice cream.

Now, for those of you who cruise the BVIs regularly, you know Deliverance is a welcome sight. Ice never lasts as long as you think it will and once tucked snuggly into the perfect cove, who wants to hoist anchor and sail across the channel just for more limes? Of course in my case, buying ice cream from Deliverance was the equivalent of shooting my crew with a tranq gun. (which was another option I was considering)

-Capt Wilson

Deliverance monitors VHF channel 16
Telephone: 284-494-0765

Deliverance: BVI Supply Boat

Deliverance: BVI Supply Boat




9 thoughts on “ICE CLEAM MAN !!!

  1. Did you really have to mention the “anchor”. I seem to remember that we “thought” we bent one last year. :)

  2. It’s a good thing that we didn’t see the “ice cleam man” last week, or if so, good thing Caroline can’t read “ice cream” just yet!! That child had enough frozen yogurt last week to last her six months!

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