Sandy Spit, BVI

Sandy Spit

Sandy Spit

A spit is defined as a long narrow stretch of sand that extends into the sea. At least that’s the definition I found that sort of matches what I want.

Sandy spit is just a beautiful little island. Located closer to Jost Van Dyke than any other of the BVIs, It’s about 1/2 acre in size. You can easily stroll around the entire island in less than 10 minutes. Sometimes referred to as the Corona Island, because a commercial of theirs was shot there, ┬áit has also appeared on many magazine covers, has been used in other ad campaigns and as the backdrop for various fashion shoots.

Sandy Spit

Sandy Spit

Sandy Spit is reportedly the most photographed object in the Virgin Islands. I’m not sure how you do a survey to find out something like that, but you know what? I believe it.

-Capt Wilson


5 thoughts on “Sandy Spit, BVI

  1. I am fairly sure that after a week at Sandy Ground I have the personal record for Sandy Spit photos, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it is the most photographed. Sunset, sunrise, rain, shine, full moon, and the best one, Blue anchored in front!!

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