Flat, flat, flat.

Great Tabago, BVI

Great Tabago, BVI

One of the greatest things about the Virgin Islands, from a boaters perspective, is the relative closeness of about 100 rocks, cays and islands. That’s about how many land masses make up the Virgin Islands. And being so close together gives you many options to choose from. It also gives you a great deal of shelter when navigating between the islands. In most cases you don’t have to stay exposed to big seas for very long. (There are exceptions to this, called “snotty seas” where you can’t hide anywhere.)

That said, we occasionally experience conditions down here that don’t require you to tuck and dodge. Conditions that you’d find on a small lake (or Megan’s Bay) Conditions so calm that you get a nice reflection from the sky.

We recently had 4 days in a row of flat flat flat conditions. It was incredible and a great time to be on the water. My guests kept mentioning that Deja Blue was a very smooth ride. “That she is.” I’d reply. “That she is.”   (No reason to go messin with a perfectly good compliment. Of course the captain has something to do with a smooth ride as well.  ; )

-Capt Wilson



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