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Helconia flower

Helconia flower

It’s an election year so the first thing you notice driving away from Cyril E King Airport is the abundance of campaign posters at every major intersection. Some new. Some look like they’ve been used a few times in the past.

Pretty soon those election vans will start driving around the island. You know, the ones with the drive-thru speaker system mounted on the roof blasting muffled promises at distorted volumes. If they drive by at island speeds than it feels pretty much like you got pulled through a tuba (while it was playing.) But if they stop. If they think they’ve found an audience and they park it. Well, have you ever seen the movie Scanners with all the nose bleeds? On island aspirin sales are about to sky rocket.

As a counter measure, I give you Heliconia. Heliconia¬†are close relatives of gingers, bananas, birds-of-paradise and traveler’s palms. Breath deep. Relax. Think Heliconia.

-Capt Wilson

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